RUTX11 LAN ports status change by I/O


I have installed a RUTX11 to a customer’s industrial automation system to provide remote access to the PLC, HMI-panel and Industrial PC for the remote technical specialist. RUTX11 is using LTE interface with private mobile data communication SIM card and connected to remote technical service provider’s data center. Remote access to the customer industrial automation system network works like a magic.

However, customer wants to regulate the remote access to their system. There are several ways to achieve it, for instance, customer will power up the RUTX11 when remote access is required.

I don’t like the RUTX11 power ON/OFF option to regulate remote access. I was wondering, is it possible to use the I/O to chage the LAN ports status between shutdown / no shutdown ?

Customer will turn a switch (Input) ON to change the RUTX11 LAN ports status to NO shutdown state and a LED light in front of customer will turn RED , meaning now remote access to the automation system is enabled. Turning the switch OFF to shutdown the LAN ports status and turn the LED to Green, meaning remote access is disabled.

Quite many of my customers are asking this feature, since they can’t restrict the LTE connectivity. Is it doable?

See below the diagram of function.

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You can take a look at I/O juggler here. This functionality allows you to trigger different kinds of actions when there are I/O events.

Another option would be to run a continuous script that would check I/O status and turn on/off mobile or LAN interfaces as needed. UBUS commands can be used to check the I/O status, and UCI commands can be used to make configuration changes. For example, something like this:


while true; do
    io_status=$(ubus call ioman.gpio.din1 status | jsonfilter -e '@.value')
    if [ "$io_status" -eq 0 ]; then
        uci set network.mob1s1a1.disabled='1'
        uci commit network
        /etc/init.d/network restart
        # Enable the network interface
        uci set network.mob1s1a1.disabled='0'
        uci commit network
        /etc/init.d/network restart
    sleep 3

If you decide to use a script, make sure it works first. Then, you can add it to custom scripts in the WebUI to be executed automatically after each reboot. For instance:

(sleep 120 && /etc/ & ) &

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Thank you very much for your effort in helping me.

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