RUTX11 - How to Integrate RTK correction signal to Teltonica GPS


I have “SparkFun RTK Express” that I am trying to setup as a base and send correction signal to Teltonica GPS. I am trying to do this via wifi and wonder how I can setup on Teltonica side to receive the correction signal?



The NTRIP client is available from the package manager (Services → Package manager). However, it is specifically used to transmit coordinates from an RTK receiver, which is connected to the router through a serial connection, to the NTRIP caster. It’s important to note that the RUT device itself does not rely on NTRIP for location corrections.

If you have a GPS receiver capable of RTK and it is connected to the router via serial, the GPS receiver can combine the received GPS data with a correction stream provided by the NTRIP caster through the device’s serial connection. This combination allows for achieving high positional accuracy. However, it’s worth mentioning that this application does not improve the accuracy of the router’s GPS device. Instead, its purpose is to transport RTK data from the server to the end device (GPS receiver that supports RTK).

During the initiation of the connection between the NTRIP client and the NTRIP caster, the router sends an initial GPGGA sentence. You can specify this sentence in the “Initial NMEA-GGA” field or obtain it from the router’s GNSS receiver. Once the connection is established, the NTRIP caster requires additional GGA data to maintain the connection. This data is obtained from a device connected to the router through RS232/RS485 serial communication and forwarded to the NTRIP caster.

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