RUTX11 Failover from WiFi to 4G based on signal strength

We have a RUTX11 in industrial zone, attached on a vehicle that moves around. There are some WiFi AP scattered, but as the vehicle moves around, it can loose connection to any of the AP. We therefore use the failover settings in the following way:

The aim is to have the least amount of interrupted internet access, as the device is continuously uploading data.
However, we are finding that the router is latching onto the WiFi even when the connection is terrible. So technically there is a connection, but it is a pretty bad one.
We tried using flushing connection settings to try to help, but it seems to be doing little difference, see screenshot below.

We also tried messing around with the number of succesful pings needed, or the count, but I feel these won’t give the needed result.
I was wondering if it is possible to force a switch based on for e.g. signal strength? say in the example below, if the strength is below e.g. 50%?

I am open to explore other options is possible, but some help would be much appreciated! Ultimately our aim is be in a position where internet traffic is routed through the best connection in the failover options. have seen in a different post it is possible to have custom script to swithc between sims, but is it possible to do something similar between sim and wifi?


Thanks for reaching us.

Please keep in mind that there could be a channel issue, which means that your current channel, Channel 44, is experiencing a lot of traffic, which is why you are experiencing disconnection. So I recommend that you download a WiFi analyzer application and examine the least traffic channel before selecting the free channel in the router settings.


Regarding the custom script for progressing with sim switching, there is no need for custom scripts to progress with sim switching because we already have this feature as a (SIM Switch) feature, as well as the SIM and WiFi as a failover feature.

More on link below:


Hi Louay,

Thanks for the quick response.
I did indeed check the channels, there is only one WiFi, the one we connect to. We also wouldn’t be able to change the channel anyways as we are acting as client, not as access point. So this is out of our control. Here is the screenshot of the channels:

Regarding the custom script, I am not interested in the swtiching SIM, I have a WiFi and 1 SIM card available that I would like the failover to manage in a smart way.

Currently the only settings available are using the method PING or WGET. We use the PING method. But it is very easy to have a succesful ping even if the connection is bad. I am looking for a method where the switch from WiFi to 4G or from 4G to WiFi is based on the WiFi connection quality. Is this even a possibility?


Unfortunately, we do not have a feature that switches from WiFi to 4G and vice versa based on connection quality; this would require a custom script; we just have the Ping and WGET method rules that you stated.

However, the feature that you are looking for is available in mobile section sim switch between SIM 1 and SIM 2 only, which means that if SIM 1 has a weak signal / data limit / network denied and so on, it will switch to SIM 2 as a backup until the primary SIM 1 returns to normal.

More on link below:


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