RutX11 failover config


I am looking to setup a failover. We are looking to setup the LAN as primary & 4G as secondary.

Looking for instructions on WHAT to change in the settings to do this.

Thanks for your assistance.

Go to Network → Failover

Configure as below (example). That’s basically it ! Read up over at for more…


The Failover function allows you to backup your primary WAN connection in case it goes down.

Configuration for Failover is as mentioned below.

Turn on “Advanced WebUI” mode

**Navigate to Networks → Failover → Select Failover Opti

Click & Edit for failover Interface Configuration & Enable the instance.

  • Since I’ve chosen to use Wired WAN as a secondary WAN and SIM 1 mobile WAN as my primary WAN
  • To set priorities, all you need to do is use the left mouse button to click on the interface, drag an item to the first, second, or other place, and then click Save & Apply.
  • Both WANs are operational in my situation because both are online.
  • As soon as SIM 1’s mobile connectivity fails, the device will automatically switch to the interface with the next greatest priority, which in my instance is Wired WAN.

If Failover is going to be used, Load balancing won’t be possible. Only one can run at the same time
For more information visit RUTX11 Failover - Teltonika Networks Wiki.

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