RUTX11: external system log server

Dear Teltonika Team,

I set up my Synology Diskstation as external system log server in my RUTX11 WebGUI, which works nicely.

However, I wonder if you could consider adding an enable/disable button for external system log server in a future FW version. Thus, one could leave the settings, but disable it (e.g. when the external server is down for maintenance). Now, at least to my understanding, I would have to delete all fields (leave them blank) and save the changes. Or am I missing something? Is the RUTX11 “suffering” in any way if an external system log server is set up but temporarily not available?

I have the same proposal (addition of an enable/ disable button) for e.g. Network => DNS => DNS forwardings (could be filled in but disabled if not needed; currently - to my understanding of these settings, one would have to delete all filled fields, right?).

Thanks for the great product and your kind support, which I really appreciate! :smiley:

Best regards


You are correct. You need to remove the external server from the settings to not send it to the server. However, since this is only 2 lines (IP and port), adding an additional toggle would create unnecessary clutter. I will forward this suggestion for consideration, however, I am not sure if this will be implemented.

When it comes to DNS, it’s important to note that DNSMASQ is constantly running because it serves additional functions. Not only does DNSMASQ work as a DNS forwarder, but it also functions as a DHCP server. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that there will be an ‘enable’ option for DNS.

In any case, thank you for your suggestions!

Kind Regards,

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