RUTX11 Enable Traffic Log - Cannot select VLAN Subinterface

I have my RUTX11 set up so that the LAN1 port is on VLAN10 with it’s own network, and LAN2 port is on VLAN20 with it’s own port.

When trying to enable Traffic Logging, it won’t let me select either of these networks. If I set either LAN network to use eth0 interface, I can select the network in Traffic Logging.

Why is this the case? Is anybody able to help me with this? If I cannot log traffic then this product is no good to me.



For VLAN Traffic log configurations, please refer to Monitoring traffic for vlan? - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks.
And for installing darkstat package, please use these commands:

  1. opkg update
  2. opkg -e /etc/opkg/openwrt/distfeeds.conf update
  3. opkg -e /etc/opkg/openwrt/distfeeds.conf list | grep darkstat
  4. opkg -e /etc/opkg/openwrt/distfeeds.conf install darkstat

Please let me know if you have more questions!

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