RUTX11 Downgrade from 07.05.4

In order to process the many RUTX11s we integrate, and to satisfy the unit consistency requirements of our clients, we have standardized on a firmware version (7.03.3), backup, and procedure which depends on a consistent user interface (it should be noted that these units are not exposed to the internet, and therefore do not depend on security upgrades for robustness purposes). Our most recent batch of RUTX11s came with the firmware 07.05.4, and when our technicians attempted to downgrade to our approved 7.03.3 firmware, they were met with the following error:

“Unsuccessful upload:
Firmware validation failed. Firmware image is incompatible with this device. Check official sources for correct firmware version.”

We then upgraded a previously working 7.03.3 firmware version RUTX11 to 07.05.4 and then tried to downgrade it and were met with a similar error.

How do we go about downgrading from 07.05.4 and above to 07.03.3?



We regret to inform you that our products with American product codes do not support firmware downgrading due to American regulations.

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