RUTX11 Custom Firmware

I’ve successfully compiled a custom firmware with a few minor changes from the latest version SDK. But when trying to load it via web or cli Sysupgrade it fails.

Fri Nov 10 19:44:01 UTC 2023 upgrade: Image signature not present
Image check failed.

When attempting to load it via the boot loader, I get the error below.

Something went wrong during update. Probably you have chosen wrong file (too big or too small) or you were trying to update ART on device with unknown FLASH type (and size) which is not allowed.Please, try again or contact with the author of this modification. You can also get more information during update in U-Boot console.

How can I load the custom firmware? There isn’t anything major different. I’ve included the Zerotier module and a couple minor branding changes.

This was fixed by copying the firmware to /tmp using scp and running ‘sys upgrade -F firmware.bin’

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