RUTX11 - botched firmware upgrade again

Everytime I do a firmware upgrade on the RUTX11’s, something always doesn’t take.
This is not down to one individual RUTX11 but numerous RUTX11’s that we have.
We have:

  1. No lan’s showing - even though they are showing on the status page. You can add the lan because it’s a duplicate so it’s obviously a GUI issue
  2. OpenVPN - showing as disconnected even though it is connected. Firmware update never takes the additional options with it. Reverts to TLS even though it was TLS/password.
  3. Complete loss of config - where we have to do a restore from backup

This is going from 7.05 > 7.06.3 although we’ve been plagued with this from numerous previous firmware upgrades. It’s certainly not ideal as it creates a lot of work having to verify every firmware upgrade we do. We simplty don’t have faith in the upgrade process at all.

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