RutX11 and Panorama Antennas: No GPS

Hi there,

i’m using a rutx11 with a Panaorama Antennas LGMQM4-6-60-24-58 - 4x4 MiMo 4G/5G + 4x4 MiMo WiFi + GPS/GNSS in my caravan.

don’t know why, but rut is not getting a gps signal. I tried included gps antenna from teltonika, this is working.

Is there a incompatibility?? Has anyone same configuration? is gps working? what can i do?

Thx in advance

hi. first, provide SKU for your antenna, to eliminate any doubts about what you have on hands. You wrote product description. but only part number shows who is who.
anyway, as i understood from product video and description, antenna with GPS must have a dedicated cable with clear marking of it function. so, hope you have correct product and plugged it right.
next is GPS cold start. My very little experience with RUTX and GPS shows, what GPS data takes quite a long time to appear (~30 min). I can imagine scenario, when you start RUTX with Panorama antenna, does not get GPS data and connect Teltonika antenna, while RUTX was powered and finally got GPS working. So, to be very sure, about your antenna is not working, give it a time.

Hi, thx for reply. LGMQM4-6-60-24-58 is the SKU for the antenna.

GPS hat an FME Connector. I use an Adapter cable to sma at rut. I also tried Direct connection wit an fme to sma Adapter (without cable). Nothing works.

Caravan was standing 3 month with powered on rut, no GPS Signal, don’t think cold Start is the problem.

An other suggestions?


No. Since you already trying two different cables/adapters, i can exclude bad contact.
From datasheets I am unable to say, what there is some incompatibility.
P.S. Did you → Check the GNSS cable (if applicable):
• Check the GNSS cable with DC to measure high resistance.
May be GNSS part kaput?

Panorama MAKO L[G]M[H]M4[B]-6-60[-24-58] Datasheet

Teltonika GNSS Antenna


Sorry, don’t know how to measure. I ordered new adapter and New cable. Additionally i installed included GPS Antenna from Teltonika. It’s working also inside the caravan. That would be my Backup, if New Adapter / cable do not work.

Thx for help.

New Cable and Adapter don’t work. Now using included gps antenna. Why Panorama Antennas GPS is not working? It is a mystery :slight_smile: