RUTX11 alias IP - lots of RX data, why?

I’m using a RUTX11 in an IoT application, I had to add an IP alias ( ) because I had to interface with another LAN and couldn’t change the IP schemes on either of them.

It’s working as expected, but I noticed that in the list of interfaces there’s a large amount of RX data for the alias interface for no apparent reason. It seems to increase by 1+ GB per day of uptime even when there is practically no data at all being sent. Can’t figure out where this is supposed to be coming from.

What’s the reason for this? Does it indicate some kind of potential problem?


Could you try configuring IP alias as described here: IP Alias on RUT956 with firmware 7.04 - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks
And check if the issue is still present? Make sure you are using the latest firmware.

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I tested that method and I get the same result. It works fine as far as I can tell, but I get some unexplainable RX data – over 10GB in 9 days on both “lan” and “alias” when there’s just a tiny amount of control data going through. I’m also seeing 3,8GB RX which seems a bit high.

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