RUTX11: 4G OpenVPN suddenly doesn't work

Yesterday we had an issue with our OpenVPN server on the RUTX11
Out of the blue, we weren’t able to connect to the server from the clients anymore.
From the logread, we didn’t even see any openvpn connection attempts.
The public IP of the 4G RUTX11 was working because we could ping to it.

We removed the OpenVPN config and recreated a new one with the same params and keys/certs. Then it was up and running again and in the logread, we saw the connections to the OpenVPN server.

Is there any particular reason why all of a sudden the OpenVPN was unresponsive and the only solution was to recreate a new one?


It is hard to say why this has happened. Maybe you did some configuration changes, updated the device, or something else?

First of all, make sure you are on the latest firmware version.

If the issue reoccurs, I would suggest performing the bootloader procedure as described here.

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