RUTX10 static leases and hostnames


I migrated to RUTX10 from my TPLink Archer C6U with OpenWRT.

I needed to copy my static leases from the old router to the new one RUTX10. So I copied DHCP file contents (config host lines only) to the identical file in RUTX10 file system. However, I see some naming issues here when it comes to OpenWRT WebGUI naming and naming RUTX10 WebGUI. RUTX10 Web GUI asks for “Description” when defining static lease, whereas OpenWRT explicitly stated that as “hostname”. If that is just a description, how to set hostnames for each static lease then?

Second question is, how to set domain name for static leases / hosts. OpenWrt by default has *.lan domain name. I was not able to find similar setting in RUTX10 WebGUI.


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