RUTX10 firmware and support

I have just found Teltonika and your products. I’m looking into a new router and think the ROTX10 would be a good candidate for me. Looking at the age of the product my question is: How long will there be firmware support for this device?
In the near future I’m considering the ROTX50 for a mobile application so I thought I would get a head by familiarizing myself with the RotOS beforehand by replacing my home router with the ROTX10.

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Since RUTX10 is not an End of Life (EoL) product, it’s hard to say what the support dates will be. However, if taking RUT240 as an example, it’s EoL was:

  • Announced at the beginning of February this year;
  • End of ordering: 2023 July 31
  • End of production: 2023 December 31
  • End of support: 2028 July 31

While I do not know what the exact dates for the RUTX10 will be, since the RUTX lineup is enjoyed by quite a few of our customers, it will most likely also have an extended support period.
Hopefully this addresses your concerns!

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