RUTX10 dual band wifi antennas


On the RUTX10 router, I presume each of the wifi antennas is for one of the dual band wifi (5 and 2.4), but which is which?


you’re wrong. Acoording to the data sheet both are MIMO antennas. You need to use both of to get a good performance.
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The thing about antennas to understand is it has nothing to do with increasing power. It only alters the signal propagation. It’s a passive device and the AP is what is generating the signal. Power comes from the AP.

A 2-3 db antenna is going to produce the closest thing to a full 360 degree sphere in all directions. It’s never perfect. But that’s the closest you’ll get.

If you increase the gain of the antenna. And the antenna is pointing straight up and down. Then the signal has less vertical distance, and more horizontal distance. You’ve lowered the gain in one direction, as a trade off to increase the gain in the another direction.

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