RUTX09 locks up once a month


I have RUTX09 in passthrough mode working great, except once a month it locks up and my network loses Internet access.

When that happens:

  • All lights on the back side are still green and show signal is good (as usual)
  • Internet access is gone
  • RUTX09 is inaccessible (can’t load admin panel)
  • Daily auto reboot is set up, but doesn’t help prevent this
  • Ping and wget reboot are also set up, but don’t help
  • Nothing can be done except turning it off/on
  • System log from troubleshooting gets erased on every reboot, so I can’t see what happened

Firmware 07.06.1 but it’s been happening with previous firmwares too.

Any advices?

Hello Neo,
I could suggest a few steps for the initial troubleshooting.

  1. Reset the device to factory default (Reference)
  2. Reconfigure the whole setup but without the Auto Reboot, Ping/Wget reboot and monitor (It might make the issue occur faster).
  3. If the device goes down, try WebUI access, Ping and direct CLI/SSH access.

Kindly reply with your findings.

Clive Pinto

Ok, I’ve reset the device.

What should I do next time (if) it locks up, if I don’t have webui access ?

I always have reboot every 2 weeks during 04:00 in the morning :slight_smile: If something would fail.

I design hardware as well and in the programming I always reboot the hardware after some time (but the reboot cycle is like 2 sec, (A linux device like Teltonika takes some time) But still memory leaks and other things can hang stuff after long period of time without a reboot)

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