RUTX09 connects but does not provide Internet access

Our RUTX09 shows that it is connected in 4G. But it does not give access to internet. The firmware is up to date.
I’ve already done a reset. But this is not a real “reset”, as the SIM settings remain.
Another symptom is that while I can connect to the RUTX09 via the additional wifi router, when I try to connect with an RJ45 cable, it doesn’t work.
Another symptom, I disable wifi. I am connected by cable to the RUTX09 and it is connected by cable to my wifi router. I can connect to the RUTX09 router. But still no internet access.
Does anyone have any idea?


If the device is updated to the latest firmware, please navigate to Network → WAN → edit the mob1s1a1 interface (SIM1), and under the Advanced settings under the Use custom DNS servers option enter and
If this does not help, also under the Advanced settings, there is an Override MTU option. Please try changing it to 1420, then if it does not help - 1350.
Finally, make sure the failover is either enabled on all WAN interfaces that can be active, or is disabled completely.

Let me know if this helps.

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