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I have a 192.168.1 network on a switch and a 192.168.2 on another. I connected them using a RUTX08 with basic configuration, and I can reach the wan from the lan. I now need all the machines on my wan to reach all the machines in my Lan (kind of a bridge configuration). I didn’t find configuration exampels on teltonika website and I don’t manage to do it, I’ve tried to add routes, masquerade, etc, but I don’t manage to do it… It’s kind of a newby question but I would be glad to have help, I need to setup 5 rutx this way and I’m blocked…

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Generally, if you’d like to simply bridge the two networks, you’d need to plug cables from both switches into the LAN port of the RUTX08 and disable the DHCP server on the LAN zone to avoid having multiple DHCP servers (the static IP also needs to be changed accordingly or the interface can be set to obtain an address from DHCP).
However, I don’t think this is a suitable solution as you are using two different networks. To better understand your issue, I’ll ask you to draw a simple network diagram with the IP addresses and connections visualized. This can be done using online tools like

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Thanks for your response. You’ll find attached the setup design. If I understand your response, the best way is to plug each of the switches on a Lan interface and setup the corresponding interface in rutos to have an IP adress that belongs to the switch network. But I could’nt find any way of splitting the br-lan interface and to attach a Lan network to a phisical intertface (in network > interfaces > lan > edit > phisical settings > interfaces, I only have in the menu br-lan, eth0 and eth1).

Here is the setup :

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Thank you for the diagram, it cleared things up!
This seems to be a simple layer 3 routing configuration. The easiest way to configure it would to connect the switch with the network to the WAN port of the RUTX08. The downlink switch with the RUTX08 LAN network needs to be left on a LAN port. The configuration will involve the router uplink from the RUTX08, as well as the RUTX08 itself.

  • RUTX08
    Assuming the LAN address is already configured on the RUTX08, navigate to Network → Firewall → General settings, and change the INPUT and FORWARD flags of the WAN zone to Accept:

    Then open the WAN zone configuration by pressing the pencil icon as marked by number 1 in the screenshot. Add the lan zone to the Allow forward to destination zones section.

    Save the WAN zone configuration, as well as the general firewall settings.
    If you’d like to not rewrite the source address of the RUTX08 LAN clients (aka. perform NAT), you can also uncheck the MASQUERADING flag.

  • Uplink router
    The exact configuration depends on the operating system of the router, however most of the routers (even the consumer ones) will have an option to set a static route. It should look something like so:

    Where the gateway address is the IP address assigned to the WAN interface of the RUTX08. This can be found on the RUTX08 by navigating to Network → Interfaces → General and checking the IP address on the WAN interface. Target is the LAN network of the RUTX08, so in your case it will be, and the netmask will be the size of the network -, or in some cases CIDR notation is used.

Please ignore information provided in my previous comment, it is not applicable to this configuration.
To test if everything is working, you should be able to send pings from Machine E to Machine C, and the other way around.
Let me know if you encounter any issues!

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Ok, it works like a charm, thank you very much.

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