Hello, I have a problem with my RUTX14

Periodically the mobile network crashes. I have a chip from the same carrier in my phone and I can say that several times, in countless tests, there was a signal on the phone, 4G, but on the device the connection was interrupted and there was no internet communication.

I’ve monitored this a few times, this issue occurs in 20 minute periods in general. The solution I found is to restart the modem, or change the settings in the SIM CARD SETTINGS, alternating between VoLTE: ON > AUTO > ON and NETWORK TYPE: AUTO > 4G ONLY > AUTO. The simple change between these settings seems to restart the connection of the chip with the operator and the internet returns shortly thereafter.

However, it is a bit annoying to have to do this frequently, I would like to know what we can do to try to solve it. I already put the factory settings and still the problem remains. Thanks.


What firmware version is installed on the device? Also, what is the firmware version of the internal modem?

Could you please check what frequency band your phone is using and then try limiting your router to use only this LTE frequency band in Network → Mobile → General .

Also, could you please share the signal parameters from Status → Network → Mobile → Data transmission tab ?

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Hello AndzejJ

Thanks for the answer.

Here are the firmware numbers:
Firmware version RUTX_R_00.07.04.5
Internal modem firmware version EG12EAPAR01A14M4G_01.200.01.200

About the frequencies, I believe that for me this is not a valid path. The RUTX14 is installed in a motorhome, so it’s always on the move. I do not believe that limiting your reach to the LTE network by a specific frequency is functional, since in different cities in Brazil, you have different signal frequencies.

This problem is intermittent and not always present. At the moment this is the information in the Data transmission tab:

Carrier aggregation Dual
Connected band LTE B7 / LTE B1
Signal strength -86 (Poor)
RSRP -116 (No signal) / -106 (No signal)
RSRQ -12 (Good) / -11 (Good)
SINR 6 (Fair to poor) / 13 (Fair to poor)
Bytes received 379.61 MB
Bytes sent 411.59 MB

I had also made a troubleshotting document a few months ago, as I was asked in the old Teltonika forum. But unfortunately I can’t send it here because a message appears saying that new users cannot attach files.

I look forward to continuing. Thanks.


From the screenshot it seems that the RSRP is really bad. You can refer to the recommended signal parameters here.

You mention that the device connects for some time if you restart the mobile connection. Can you take a note of the frequency bands that are used right after a restart? Try setting those bands manually in Network → Mobile → General.

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