RUTX SIM selection help

Hi, I am a complete newbie and would like some help. I have a RUTX50 with default settings and 2 SIM cards in it.

One of the SIM’s I use in the UK and the other I use in Mainland Europe.

Can someone please tell me what setting so I need to enter so that I can manually select either SIM 1 or SIM 2 and to not use the other SIM at all?

I’d like to be able to manually control which SIM is being used depending upon where I am.

I will also need SIM2 to be able to ‘roam’.

Thanks in advance and I know this is a basic question.

The RUTX50 is more sophisticated than I need but I want the best signal possible in my motorhome and I think this delivers it with a MIMO4 antenna on the roof.

Assuming the router is in an enclosure on the roof and this will mean physically getting to the router to manually insert / remove / change SIM’s is very difficult.

Log in to router and go to Network > WAN
Enable / Disable SIM’s as required. In this example SIM1 is enabled and SIM2 is disabled.

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