RUTX FW Event Reporting

Service/Events Reporting/Rules
Event type: WAN failover
Event subtype: All

For event wan-down RUTX work fine, send message “WAN (wan) is down, switched to backup WAN (mob1s1a1)”
For event wan-up RUTX not send message.

Before with FW RUTX_R_00.07.04.5 when wan-up RUTX work fine and send message “Switched to main WAN (wan)”

For AndzejJ: How long does it take to resolve the problem?

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Hello, have the same problem. Posted it for FW version 07.05. Meanwhile I’m testing 07.06.3. Have no results yet on this issue because I’m still configuring it … and are faced with other questions …

I don’t understand how it’s possible: today I did a lot of tests and it didn’t work.
Now it works fine…
Thanks …

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