RUTX enabling/disabling GPS http upload


may i find a possibility to switch the http/https server nmea-stream of the gps on/off, dependant on state of the digital input? The http stream is very data consuming and i want to use the stream only during driving the car (input3 is on ignition).
For the moment i use the io-juggler for switching between two profiles, one with http server on, one with http server off. I think this is only a workaround as it has some disadvantages. i.e. time counters for triggers are reset while switching profiles, data-connections maybe interrupted etc…

In general: the whole http/https gps-nmea-stream has very few parameters for controlling data amount. Only the options for choosing other satellite systems have an effect. The interval option has no effect, as with longer intervals the whole cache in 1 second steps is sent. When stream is on, every second all possible nmea sentences are sent, Only native GPS sentences without galileo/beidou/glonass consume about 2 MB/h.

Why isn’t it possible to use the options for nmea forwarding and collecting also for the stream? It would be very nice to control which nmea-sentences shall be sent, an option for the interval between fixes and the option for switching with io-juggler.

Very confusing:
there is a menu called “tavl settings” right under the http server settings. i thought this may be used for the server, but nothing happens. The same menu “tavl settings” is also on the next page for the “avl server settings” ! Why doubled ??

i use rutx11, firmware and modem uptodate.
greetings from Utz

Nobody out there to have an answer to this topic ?

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