1. Added new WLAN AP with both 2.4Ghz and 5GHz enabled SSID “guest-wifi”. The network is “lan”
  2. Added new wired LAN and new port-based untagged VLAN to physical ETH port 3 (interface eth0.4). Added DHCP.
  3. Added firewall zone “vlan_guest” and made rules for the VLAN (allow guest to WAN but not between any other zones)
  4. Port 3 works nice, a wired computer can access web but not any other VLANs
  5. guest-wifi works fine, but it is not part of the VLAN
  6. Try changing the WLAN AP “guest-wifi” network from “lan” to “vlan_guest”
  7. guest-wifi cannot be connected, no IP to clients
    Question: how do I configure the same VLAN including WIFI and one eth port?

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