RUTX 50 set up with external router/DHCP

Hello, and sorry for my beginner question. I would need instructions of how to best set up my RUTX 50 for the following:
RUTX WAN port: internet from fibre cable media converter
RUTX SIM1: backup 5g SIM card
LAN1: LAN Router/DHCP server (Ubiquity DreamMachine)

My question is related to how to set up the RUTX 50 so that the external router/dhcp server keeps all it’s functions as is, and also that the SIM card servers as instant failover, in case the fibre cable internet fails.

Or, would you recommend using the RUTX DHCP and set my Ubiquity Dream-machine to DHCP relay?
My Ubiquity Dreammachine is presently set as the router/dhcp server with 20 Ubiquity wireless managed access points.

Thank you for yo assistance!


In your case I’d recommend setting up the RUTX50 as the DHCP server, as Bridge feature is only available for the mobile interface.
We have a few resources that could help you configure the RUTX50:

  • Short video on failover:

If you encounter any issues let us know and we will help you out.

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