RUTX 50 Digital Input / Output for network status

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Is it possible to switch the digital output of the RUT X50 when the WAN connection is active (high-level)?

WAN port active e.g. running = digital out active (high-level)

WAN port inactive = Digital out inactive (low-level)

Is it also possible to switch off the mobile interface when the digital input is active (high-level)?

Input (high-level) = mobile interface inactive?

Input (low-level) = mobile interface active?

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Did you solve the problem?



Unfortunately not.

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Any more suggestions?


Thank you for contacting us. There are two ways to control the output state regarding your WAN interface connectivity. The first option is to write custom scripts by using a while loop to wait for WAN interface status changes and then set the output status to High/Low. However, please note that custom scripts are beyond the scope of the technical assistance we provide. The second option is to set up event reporting and send SMS notifications to change your output state when the WAN failover switches to other WAN.

To set it up, you will need to have an additional WAN interface such as mobile WAN or WWAN. Next, navigate to Services β†’ Events Reporting and add two configurations: one for when failover switches to the main interface, and the other for when failover switches to another WAN interface. Events reporting configuration should look something like this:

Make sure to change the Event subtype to Switched to failover and the Message text on the event for other SMS utilities rule that you will need to create to set the output to Low state.
For the Recipient’s phone number, write your SIM card phone number.
The Message text should look like this: β€œ[router password] [SMS Utilities rule]”. In my example, I use an already existing SMS Utilities rule called ioset which changes the output state to High.

To create a new SMS Rule, navigate to Services β†’ Mobile Utilities. On the Add rule tab, write the SMS rule name that you will need to use for the second Events Reporting configuration. For the Action, choose Change I/O state.

Press Add, on popped up window enable it, and make sure that state is set to Low, because by default ioset rule sets it to High. Press Save & Apply.


Now, when your main WAN goes down the Events reporting configuration will send SMS which will change output state.

Regarding your second question, you can switch the mobile connection on/off when the input is at a high/low level using Modbus.

To do so, navigate to Services β†’ Modbus β†’ Modbus TCP server, and enable it. Once you are done, go to the Modbus TCP Client tab and press the Add button. In the popped-up window, enable it. Now choose these configurations:

  • Name: write the name that you desire.
  • Server ID – 1.
  • Address: your router IP address.
  • Port – 502.
  • Period – 10.

Leave the other fields as they are.

Next, scroll down to the Alarms Configuration tab and press the Add button. On popped up window enable it and choose these configurations:

  • Function Code – Reading Holding Registers (3).
  • First register number – 325 (Digital non-isolated input).
  • Values – 0 (low level state).
  • Condition - Equal to.
  • Action frequency – First trigger.
  • Action – Modbus Write Request.
  • IP address – your router IP address.
  • Port – 502.
  • ID – 1.
  • Modbus function – Set Single Register (6).
  • First register number – 205 (mobile data connection).
  • Values – 1 (on).

Leave the other fields as they are. Press Save & Apply.

Now just add another Alarm for turning mobile connection when input is on high level. To do so just change the first Values field to 1 and the other to 0. Press Save & Apply.

Once you have completed this configuration, your mobile connection will be controlled by the input state of your device.

You can read more about Monitoring via Modbus on out Teltonika Networks wiki page:

Alternatively, you can achieve the same result by creating Events Reporting configurations that work similarly to those I showed you with the output state. You can simply send an SMS to enable/disable the mobile connection when the Input state changes.

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