RUTX 10 Security

Hello community,
I would like to implement all attack prevention on our Rutx10 fw.
I’m trying to find a good standard value (initial value) for limit/Limit Burst while trying not to block production

I’m talking about: Remote ICMP Req, SSH Attack Prev, HTTPs Attack Prevention and port Scan.

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There is a section in the WebUI under Firewall called ‘Attack Prevention.’ The Attack Prevention menu tab allows you to configure protections against certain types of online attacks. I recommend checking it out. More information can be found on our wiki page.

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i know there is a section in webui → Attack prevention (I’m asking for this very reason) and i know about wiki.( and i know netfilter / iptables)

Standard value on wiki for Remote ICMP Req is 5 - 10

In wiki there is value ( limit and limit burst) with " default: none" ( SSH Attack Prev, HTTPs Attack Prevention and port Scan.)

What value do you recommend I start with?

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Sorry for any inconvenience. Here are the recommended starting values for limit and limit-burst settings for SSH Attack Prevention, HTTPS Attack Prevention, and Port Scan Prevention (The ICMP recommendation is the same as in the wiki):

  1. SSH Attack Prevention
    Limit: 5
    Limit Burst: 10

  2. HTTPS Attack Prevention
    Limit: 20
    Limit Burst: 40

  3. Port Scan Prevention
    Limit: 5
    Limit Burst: 10

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You are welcome!

Please let me know if you have more questions or require further assistance.

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