RUT95x hardening LAN port

hello all, is it possible disable unused LAN port on RUT (I cant find it )… we need it according hardening of CyberSecurity


One of the options would be to set all VLAN IDs on the LAN port to OFF in Network → VLAN → Port Based. However, if you want to turn off a port completely on RUT95x, you will need to do so from the command line.

Access the device via CLI/SSH with username ‘root’. Then, to identify the port the correct port. It will be easier if you remove other LAN cables and put in a cable into a port that you want to disable. Next, check ports:

swconfig dev switch0 show

Find a port that is up (cable is connected) and the speed link is 100Mbps or lower. Please note that there will be a port likely labeled as “port0” with a 1000Mbps link speed, but this port is reserved for the CPU and not intended for LAN connections, so be sure not to disable this port.

For example, if the port 2 is used, then you can disable the port with the following command:

swconfig dev switch0 port 2 set disable 1

Also, if you have RUTX series devices with the latest firmware version installed, you can disable the ports from the WebUI in Network → Ports. This information can be found here. However, on RUT series devices, this feature is currently not available in the WebUI due to hardware differences.

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