RUT956 Ntrip Questions

Im in the market for a router with ntrip client capabilities. Maybe the Teltonika Rut956 will match my needs.

I would like to connect to Swepos (Sweden). Its a VRS network and does require a GGA position when connecting. When the corrections starts to stream the position needs to be renewed, maybe every 10second maximum. If not renewed the stream will terminate/stop.

Is it possible to use the internal gps of the Rut956 to aquire lat/long position? If the router move position, will the internal gps update lat/long position in an active session? I have talked to swepos and an approximate position from the router is good enough to get good rtcm corrections.

I would like to re-stream the corrections that is obtained to an older gps via serial/rs232. The Gps will only be in recieve mode and not transmit NMEA. This is the reason that i want position from the routers internal gps. Is it possible to send/transfer/output the RTCM data via RS232?

If there is some sort of problem with this setup, is it possible to do some programming to make it work? In case the NMEAstring/GGA doesnt have the format expected by the provider, is it possible to change it somehow?

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The RUT956 router is equipped with an internal GPS module capable of acquiring latitude and longitude positions. Even as the router changes its position, it can continuously update its location in an active session.

Additionally, this device supports NMEA forwarding and can transmit RTCM correction data received via the RS232 serial port. This feature enhances its compatibility with external systems.

Moreover, the router offers custom scripting and programming capabilities. This flexibility allows you to tailor the NMEA output format to meet the specific requirements or format changes needed.

For more detailed information, please visit our wiki pages:

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