RUT956 NAT LAN interface


I have a question.

We trying to NAT our LAN interface ( to for our costumer.
I dont know why we need to do that because in my opinion I can set LAN to
But they dont want that.

So my question is, how can I turn in to ?

I hope someone can help me out. thanks

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Please, take a look at our wiki article here, as well as these forum posts here an here. These posts should help you with NAT.

In case you encounter issues, would it be possible for you to draw a simple topology to see how everything is connected and what you need to achieve?

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Dear AndzejJ,

Today we solved the problem with our RUT. We just created a extra IP on the interface. So no NAT.

Thank you for your help.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Kevin Janssen

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