RUT956 modbus GPS registers stopped updating


We’ve run into an issue where the Modbus TCP registers containing GPS data just stopped updating and the device kept responding with stale data. Restarting the GPS (switching GPS enabled off and back on in the control panel) fixed this issue for now. The device has been online for more than a month and it has only happened once, so it seems to be a rarely occurring bug.
However, this kind of hanging can cause other issues in our system, so a fix would be much appreciated.

GPS signal quality should not be an issue, the satellite count is >10 and accuracy<1.0 constantly.


Since I cannot replicate the issue locally, I will ask you to update to the latest firmware and check if the issue is still present.
Perhaps the issue occurs when the device loses GPS signal? Or can GPS location still be seen in the WebUI map after the Modbus registers stop updating?

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