RUT956 ModBus Command


I have a Temperature and Humidity Sensor connected to RS485 on the RUT956.


The above is the modbus command to be sent to the sensors in order to get the response from the sensors.

I have added a device under Modbus Serial Master, and I am stucked as I do not know how to send the modbus command to the sensor.

Please help?

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The provided text describes the Modbus data frame structure, which is essential for understanding Modbus messages. However, it is not a specific Modbus command to retrieve data.

When making a Modbus data request, you’ll need the following key information:

  1. Slave Address: This is the unique address of the slave device you want to communicate with.
  2. Function Code: The function code specifies the action to be performed (e.g., read, write, etc.).
  3. Starting Register Address: Indicates the first register to read or write.
  4. Number of Registers: Specifies how many consecutive registers to read or write.

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