RUT956 Login problem

I have recently bought a RUT956 for private use. For first time installment I watched the following YouTube video from Teltonika:

There it says, that the default username and password is: “admin” and “admin01”, which doesnt work for my router. I did a factory reset on the device, but nothing changed, the username and password still did not work.

Can you help me with the issue?

Hello, Flo

Firstly, I’d like to inquire about the origin of your device. Did you purchase it directly from Teltonika, or did you acquire it through a third-party partners? Or maybe you bought it through Amazon/Ebay or similiar?

It’s possible that the default password is not “admin01,” but rather a randomly generated password located on the sticker at the bottom of the router. Please check for this. On newer devices the password is always randomly generated and not the admin01.

If you are still experiencing difficulties accessing your router, I recommend trying a last-resort recovery option. This involves placing the router into bootloader menu mode and attempting a firmware update from there. Detailed instructions on how to perform this procedure can be found on our Wiki page: Bootloader menu - Teltonika Networks Wiki

If your device doesn’t have a randomly generated password on the bottom sticker of router and the bootloader method doesn’t resolve the issue, there’s a possibility that you purchased a router from a third-party vendor with custom firmware. In such cases, the reset option might be disabled. In this scenario, please reach out to the seller for further assistance.

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