RUT956 keine Verbindung per Wlan

Hallo, mein Ipad verbindet sich nicht mit dem RUT956. Mit Laptop und Kabel klappt es, aber nicht über Wlan. Auch nicht mit Laptop Wlan. Es wird gefunden, aber es passiert einfach nichts. Windows zeigt kein Intrenet.


Could you please clarify what firmware version is installed on the device? If it is not the latest, then please update the firmware with ‘keep settings’ option disabled. In case you have the latest firmware, try restoring the device to factory defaults in System → Backup to ensure that there are no configurations issues. In case the issue persists, please, connected to the device via WiFi and then navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot → ‘View’ system logs and share these logs here. Before sharing, make sure you hide any sensitive information, such as public IP addresses.

Additionally, please provide a screeshots of your Network → Interfaces and Network → Wireless pages.

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