RUT956 I/O Juggler is not working

Hello there,
On my RUT956 with the firmware RUT9M_R_00.07.04.2 I’m facing an annoying issue:
I can’t make the I/O Juggler feature work.
I activated the I/O Juggler feature and added a simple Trigger/Action pipeline.
The trigger is simple, I enable a trigger with the Digital Input (1) with interval of 1 and triggered for both raising and falling. And it trigger the “Test” action.

“Test” action controls the Output 4 and invert its state right away (no delay). There is no condition either.

So I assume that when the Digital Input 1 is toggled the Output 4 is toggled as well (mirrored).

But after triggering the DIN1 nothing was changing on Output 4.

I don’t know what’s happening. I already set up such a configuration on a RUT955 and it worked but on this RUT956 it does not.

Thanks for the help.

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