RUT956 clients not reachable by hostname after booting

Hi community,

we have a setup of
one RUT956 mounted in a truck to provide network connection between
two ip cameras and one linux server RPI CM4 based.

We activated the dhcp, but setted static leases to the clients.
As all devices are switched on at the same time in our case incl. the RUT956
(as soon as ignition is turned on)
some or all clients are not accessible threw their setted hostname.
By IP I have access to these clients.
After disconnecting and reconnecting of these clients, the clients will be accessable threw their hostnames.
Is it possible to reset the dhcp for the lan or all interfaces, or is there a better solution without loosing the connection as it happens logically, when I unplug and replug the cable?

I tried to use the I/O Juggler to Switch the relay to closed, after the RUT has been bootet successfully, but I could´nt find the condition for “RUT is online / bootup completed” or something similar.
I tried the device scan under:
status menu - network - topology - Scan LAN
But no success.
I´m running the RUT9M_R_00.07.06.1

If you need some more info, please let me know.
Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Hello Tim! Thank you for contacting Teltonika networks.

I hope I correctly got your question. The way to have devices to know the IP address of other IP devices without dns service, is to manually add, IP address and name at ‘/etc/hosts’ file. This will work as soon as device network service be available.

You can update file in the CLI (command line interface), using linux vi editor on router and server.


The format assigned is “” for IPv4 or “::1” for IPv6, and the name of device.
example for /etc/hosts file: localhost cam1

::1 localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback

However, if you have a different requirement, please explain further.
Hope this information be useful to you.
Best regards!

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