RUT956 basic settings for Ntrip client

im a newbie trying to set up RUT956 modems as an ntrip client to receive data from Ntrip server & output data via serial to a trimble tractor screen from an RTK2go server. RUT956 is on latest firmware & i added the Ntrip option. i have entered the ntrip server details etc in the Ntrip tab but the option to switch on / off is greyed out saying that its already enableds in the RSmodem tab. when i go to Status / Services the Ntrip option says disabled.when i try & change it, it reverts to the Ntrip configuration page where the on/off option is greyed out.
i have configured the modem configuration to match the baud rates i need to manually configure any other tabs - serial tab / modem control / over IP etc for it to connect? modem does connect to the internet so the cell side is working ok.
ive looked for some basic “how to” but can’t find anything.


You are most likely receiving this error because you already have an instance configured in the Services → Serial → Modem Control tab. Make sure to disable or delete that instance before configuring NTRIP. The serial connection can only be used by one service at the time, and the baud rate/stop bits, etc. need to be configured in the NTRIP settings.

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