RUT955 unable to connect to rms except with factory default


I cannot connect to RMS with my RUT955.
I try to restore default configuration and it’s working !
When I restore my backup the RUT stay in the “connecting” state. I don’t understand where is the problem.

I try these command but no more results :
root@Teltonika-RUT955:/# /etc/init.d/rms_mqtt stop
root@Teltonika-RUT955:/# /etc/init.d/rms_mqtt start
root@Teltonika-RUT955:/# /etc/init.d/rms_mqtt status
root@Teltonika-RUT955:/# ubus call rms get_status
Command failed: Not found
root@Teltonika-RUT955:/# ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from seq=0 ttl=248 time=48.264 ms
— ping statistics —
1 packets transmitted, 1 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 48.264/48.264/48.264 ms

how to reset RMS config ?

thanks for your help


First of all, the ‘’ is not RMS. The hostname for RMS is ‘’. However, this hostname does not respond to pings. Please, do not use the ‘’ as it is not ours.

If you want to check reachability, you can telnet. For example:


Secondly, are you running the latest firmware version? If not, please update the firmware. The latest firmware for RUT955 can be downloaded from here.

Lastly, could you please provide more details about your configurations in the backup file? What changes did you make there?

Also, if you manually reconfigure the device according to the settings from the backup file, does it successfully establish a connection with RMS?

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Thank you, for the address, I don’t know why it was changed…
but it still doesn’t work, still in connecting state (even after a stop and start)

The telnet command works perfectly:
root@Teltonika-RUT955:~# telnet
Connected to
hostname resolution as well:
root@Teltonika-RUT955: ~# telnet
Connected to

the firmware is the latest: 7.4.5

For my configuration, I mainly add interfaces for VLAN operations. Then I use a firewall to accept or reject traffic between VLANs and between VLANs and WANs.

I just add that the counter “Next connection after” seems to be blocked at 00:00:00


Since this is a public forum and it is not possible to share troubleshoot files securely, I am not really sure what configurations from the backup file can potentially cause this. It is possible that something is wrong with the backup file. We cant investigate the issue from the RMS side either, because we would require more details regarding your RMS account and devices. However, acquiring such sensitive information is not feasible on this public platform. Therefore, it would be great if you could reconfigure this device manually to see if it connects to RMS.

Kind Regards,

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