RUT955 RUT956 unable to connect to RMS (error log problem + contact support)


we have a RUT955 that cannot connect to RMS (not activated), maybe this device was never able to connect on firmware 6 and now on different 7 versions. I tried a factory reset through the UI. There is another problem with this device: “Events Log could not be accessed because the database is being optimized. This process can take up to five minutes.” Under firmware 6 also log errors. I have troubleshoot files available.

and a new RUT956 with RUT9M_R_00.07.05.4 got connected in december 2023 and lost connection around 2024-02-20 (still costing credits). It tries to connect every two minutes: “Device has attempted to connect to the system.” RMS tells me to contact support (here?). No troubleshoot file for this device as currently no access to it.

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Events log issue should be resolvable like this:

  1. SSH into your router
  2. Go to log folder using command: cd /log/
  3. Run command: rm log.db
  4. Run command: /etc/init.d/eventslog restart

You need to know - and this explains the above - that log.db is NOT being touched/deleted by performing a factory reset. Hence doing it manually as written above.

Thank you very much for the quick reply, this solved the issue with the RUT955 and it connected to RMS right after deleting the file and rebooting.

I am still looking for some help for the RUT956 connection issue.

For someone else with the same problem, there was also a file “log.db-journal” which i deleted:
rm log.db-journal
and it gave me this error but worked after rebooting.
root@RUT955:/log# /etc/init.d/eventslog restart
-ash: /etc/init.d/eventslog: not found


I’m glad to hear the issue with the event logs is resolved!

Regarding the other device that is unsuccessfully trying to connect to RMS, could you please try unregistering it and then registering it again in RMS? Please let me know if the issue persists.

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That worked - i didnt realize that can be done without access to the router. Thanks a lot! All Good now.


I’m happy to hear that both of your issues are now resolved!

Please don’t hesitate to ask on this forum if you have any more questions or concerns.

Best Regards.

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