RUT955 : Python scripts + MariaDB

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I recently have a RUT955, which I am trying to learn. What I want to achieve is through python to be able, for example, to read some entry and store the information in MariaDB installed on a flash drive.
I’m currently trying to do things that I suppose are simple but I still can’t get it done. For example:

  • I’m trying to load a simple python script (print hello world!) but I still don’t know how to do it, I read this post( python-script-on-my-rutx50?show=59742#q59742) but I still have doubts, particularly with the command lines displayed in CLI.
    I must comment that I already installed python3, and I accessed it through cli.
    Any additional information to read and continue learning is appreciated.

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What doubts do you have in regards to the commands mentioned in the old forum thread?

The thread shows how to create a file (python script), edit it (vim or vi), add execution rights (chmod) and run it with ‘python’ command.

Teltonika Networks devices run on RutOS, which is based on OpenWRT. Thus, you can find a lot of information in regard to python scripts online for OpenWRT and most of those would be applicable to RUT955. This would probably be the best approach towards learning python for this case. Regarding the python package itself, you can learn more about it from the OpenWRT website here.

RUT955 has very little RAM memory for userspace, so it is likely that you need to use a flash drive for memory expansion.

Opkg package manager is also present on RutOS, so you can install packages easily. I have not tried using MariaDB, but it should be available in the package manager. You can check what mariadb packages are available yourself:

  • opkg update
  • opkg list | grep -i mariadb

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Thank you very much for the reply!


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