RUT955 problem send to Thingsboard

I have a problem setting RUT955 to send data to Thingsboard, I regularly use the step on Monitoring with ThingsBoard IoT Platform - Teltonika Networks Wiki
but still can’t send data to the platform and some picture isn’t available, do you have any solution of that? thanks


According to the ThingsBoard documentation, the telemetry data format should be something like below:

{"key1":"value1", "key2":"value2"}


[{"key1":"value1"}, {"key2":"value2"}]

In the Data to Server configuration, the format should be {"%name%":"%data%"}

Then in the ‘Collection Configuration’ you could either remove the brackets and quotation marks or add braces in order to follow the format of the thingsboard API. Note that this is only applicable on version 7.05 and above.

Reference - MQTT Device API Reference | ThingsBoard Community Edition
Hope this helps.

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