RUT955 OpenVPN server - cannot connect client to VPN

Hello, I am trying to make an OpenVPN server on the RUT955 router which is configured with a SIM card and has a static public IP - I am able to ping the router IP. However I cannot get the client to connect to the router’s VPN server/port - the client just stops on “WAIT…” and eventually times out without throwing any error that would indicate the problem. I have gone through the wiki tutorials and guides for the server setup and recreated the certificates multiple times, however I am still unable to get a connection. The VPN server is configured as TUN with TLS authentication.

What could be the issue here?

Thank you in advance!

Hi, it’d be great to see some logs from logread when you’re trying to connect the client device. Try to connect a few times and then, using CLI, run this command:
logread -e openvpn

I’d recommend to hide any sensitive information like public IP address.

Please find the logs attached.

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