RUT955 No Data with Mobile Connection

Hello Reader,

I have a Telktonika RUT955 from batch 094 which is running legacy WebUI firmware 06.09.5 which refuses to establish a “data connection.” I’ve tested the SIM card used in other RUTs and with my phone and am able to access data. But on this particular unit, nothing seems to work. I can get a network connection when the WAN source is a local wifi connection. But when it goes over to mobile - I get nothing.

Under mobile, it does say that I’ve got a network provider & all of my signals are at good strength for a connection. I can see it says I’m on a 4G LTE band but no internet. I have also adjusted the APN settings as necessary with no luck. Under status → networks → topology, it will give me an IP like (our’s should be or for the WAN but no internet connection.

We’ve bought a lot of these RUT955’s over the years and it seems as though no two are ever the same.

Zachary Anderson

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