RUT955 Modbus TCP/IP from device to MQTT broker


Is it possible to retrieve data from local TCP/IP network and publish/subscribe though MQTT ?

Shure. At least, my large fleet of RUT955 running official openwrt is doing this, besides other customizations. Small difference, though: Using ModBus/RTU to lower level sensors.
BTW: You noticed, that the RUT955 is going to be retired ?


Certainly! The RUT955 is capable of sending Modbus TCP/IP data to an MQTT broker. This functionality can be achieved using the “MQTT Gateway” feature, or “Data to Server” feature in the RUT955 router. For more in-depth information, please refer to the following link:

and here

As an example for Data to Server feature, we can suggest using the Thingsboard IoT Platform, which facilitates device connectivity via standard IoT protocols such as MQTT, CoAP, and HTTP. This platform supports both cloud and on-premises deployments. You can find more information about integrating RUT955 with Thingsboard at the following link:

Additionally, please be aware that the RUT955 model is nearing its end of life, and it is being replaced by the RUT956. For further details about the RUT956, you can visit the following page: RUT955 - 4G/LTE RS232/RS485 Router

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is it possible to use the “data to server” function and the"Modbus mqtt gateway" at the same time?
I need to read some parameters of a connected device (solar inverter) and pass it to a SCADA; i want to
setup the Teltonika device to perform those readings (via Modbus TCP/RTU) and the as i said send them to the SCADA.
At the same time i need to send modbus commands to the inverter (in this case i need the Modbus mqtt gateway function).
Can the 2 functions cohexist?

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, it is possible. Please refer to our wiki page above for more information.