RUT955 GPS date is one epoch off

The date says 2004/10/04, which is 1024 weeks, ie. one epoch ago. Time is correct. Allowing the RUT 955 to sync this date causes rejection from SSL. Looking around the web, others have seen this with other devices not Teltonika. Any clue what we could do to fix it? Thanks.

|Fix time|Latitude|Longitude|Satellites|Accuracy|
|10/4/2004, 8:49:04 PM|37.555647|-121.976638|8|1|

FW Version = RUT9_R_00.07.06.11
GPS Configuration Enabled: on
Gallileo NMEA support: on
Glonass NMEA support: on
BeiDou NMEA support: on


Do the outputs of the commands gpsctl -t and gpsctl -e translate to same time?

Also, have you tried rebooting or resetting the device to see if the issue persists? Before resetting the device, remember to generate and download a backup.

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Thank you so much for the response. I left it on overnight, and now it has corrected itself.

root@RUT955:~# date
Tue May 21 16:26:36 UTC 2024
root@RUT955:~# gpsctl -t
root@RUT955:~# gpsctl -e
2024-05-21 16:26:58

In Octave:

>> datestr(datenum('1970-01-01 00:00:00')+1716308812/86400)
ans = 21-May-2024 16:26:52

So, yes.
As for reboot/restart, the problem was first seen on RUT9_R_00.07.06.06, then we upgraded to RUT9_R_00.07.06.11, and it persisted.

root@RUT955:/tmp/log# uptime
 16:41:25 up 20:00,  load average: 0.15, 0.22, 0.12

Looks like no additional reboots since we left it last night.

Deliberately re-powering it now to see how it comes up. Immediately after power cycle, we get ‘5/3/2024, 4:56:51 AM’, which is wrong (today is the 21st), then we go back to being a whole epoch off: 10/5/2004, 4:46:51 PM, (System is set to sync time to GPS every five seconds). Then some 60 seconds later, it advanced to 5/21/2024, 4:48:32 PM, which is correct.

But I have some questions. Is there a place I can look in logs for more detail, ie. the clock being set?

I like that the event logs are numerically indexed. For example I can see back to events in March. But when I look within that range, it looks like the events are sorted by time, despite the indices. Going to the oldest log entries, I see 2001-02-02 (long before the creation of this modem). This continues until 2001-02-08, 1271 contiguous messages, before the clock advances to 2001-06-07. This continues until 2001-06-21, 2133 more messages, until it jumps to 2001-09-07 for 13 msgs before jumping to 2004-10-04 like I described yesterday, at msg 3418 out of 7460. At that point there are 28 msgs spanning from 19:52:41 to 20:49:23. That was yesterday when I was trying to fix it.
So, am I to assume that this device has been affected with this problem since we bought it in 2020? (2001-02-02 + 1 epoch = 2020-09-18)

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