RUT955 Global keeps crashing 4-5x per day


I have a RUT955 Global which throughout the day seems to crash.

I am using it with 2 SIMs, multiple WiFi connected devices and also a LAN connected device. The error had already started occuring when I was using it with 1 SIM card only.

What is happening is that about 3-5 times per day all of a sudden I lose WiFi and LAN connection to the device and the 5 green LEDs are all flashing synchronously on-off about 1x per second for some minutes. Then after about 5 minutes all interfaces are up and running again and I can continue to use the router as if nothing had happened.

I have checked all the log files but other than messages about the disconnections happening, I cannot find anything that give me information about what is the actual cause of these reboots or whatever that is.

The problem occurs both, on the firmware RUT9_R_00.07.04.1 as well as on the latest RUT9_R_00.07.04.3 that I have updated to.


  1. Does anyone have heard about this error before?
  2. How can I debug this properly?
  3. What other information do I need to provide here so to help you folks help me with this?
  4. How much warranty does Teltonika give for these products?

Thanks for any feedback / hint / input / answer!


This flashing of LEDs usually occures during boot. To get some more info regarding the cause of it, you might connect to the RUT955 via ssh, log-in and enter ‘logread -f’. This will continously display the actual log messages in the window.
Note, that I have a large fleet of RUT955 in production, but running own, custom firmware based on openwrt, not using Teltonikas stuff.

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