RUT955 FW Wireless (2.4GHz) MAC address still faulty

Hello Teltonika Support,

in the new FW version the wireless (2.4GHz) MAC address is still incorrect (menu Status>System>Mac addresses); this was already stated in one of my other issues.

My personal security concept in my home network includes the configuration of an IP-MAC binding for this router. I’ve had to adjust this configuration twice now.

As a note, the MAC address stored in my router is 00:1E:42:mm:mm:mm, which of course belongs to Teltonika; the MAC address with which my RUT955 with the above-mentioned FW logs on to my network is 02:1E:42:mm:mm:mm, which belongs to nobody. With the FW version it was the MAC address 06:1E:42:mm:mm:mm, also not known in according database.

Can you do that for the next FW version?

Thank you very much and best regards Guenther

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