Hello Teltonika support,
I’m currently experimenting with configuring RUT955’s WIFI0 client which connects to the AP of my home network; the connection is unstable. When I looked at the troubleshoot file, I noticed a lot of entries (sometimes up to 80! directly following each other) “daemon.notice wpa_supplicant[2195]: wlan0-1: CTRL-EVENT-BEACON-LOSS”; these entries are 1-4 seconds apart. What is the background to these entries? Surely they also create a high system load?
Thank you and best regards Guenther

Hi Guenther,

It seems like the issue you’re facing could be due to interference from other Wi-Fi networks nearby. Interference happens when several Wi-Fi networks operate close to each other, using the same or overlapping channels. This can result in a weakened signal and potential communication problems.

To check the channel you’re using and assess general channel congestion, you can access this information in our routers by navigating to Status → Wireless → Channel Analysis.

Please keep in mind that the issue might also be related to your other router that is AP.

Kind regards,


Hello Marijus,

many thanks for your response.

Indeed, it’s actually the case that we have a few networks in the immediate vicinity.

I’ve now played a little with the “Transmit Power” parameter and was able to achieve a stable connection.
In this situation, the error message mentioned above could no longer be found in the troubleshoot file.

I think we can set this issue to “Solved” status and close it.

Many thanks for your support. Many greetings, Guenther

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