RUT955 FW A question concerning Transmit Power

Good morning Teltonika Support,

these days I had the problem connecting my RUT955 to my home wireless AP. After some experimentation I realized that it was due to the setting of the parameter “Transmit Power”; the value was too high.

My question: does the RUT955 offer a way to assess the optimal setting of this parameter, or do you have to slowly turn it up, starting at e.g. 10%, until the connection is established?

Thank you very much for your support. BR Guenther


Currently, there is no automated functionality for this process. Therefore, for now, this task needs to be done manually, as the scenario or application is not a common one.

Best regards,


Thanks, Marijus!
If technically possible, maybe an interesting feature for those users, having the router built into a camper van. The WIFI strength on campsites typically varies a lot.

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