RUT955 FW A question concerning failover

Hello Support Team,
under menu Network>Failover I have configured my RUT955 with failover priority as follows.

Under menu Status>Overview the failover status can be watched in the Failover Priority widget as follows.


Question: Is there a relationship between the numbers? Wouldn’t it be convenient to have the failover priority in the status widget as well?

Thanks and BR Guenther

Hello, thank you for getting in touch with Teltonika Networks.
Failover status is available at Status->Overview page, priority widget.
Failover can be enable at Network->WAN->WAN Interfaces.
Please check at Mode section,that “Failover” is selected instead “Load balancing”.
The priority of each interface in the failover process is indicated by the order in which they are displayed on the page.
Simply drag the interface to the desired location within the hierarchy to make changes.
Best regards!

Hello Julio, thank you for your attention. I’ve been working with the RUT955 for a long time; therefore I am familiar with configuring failover. Maybe I didn’t phrase my question correctly. My question related to the different order between the configuration in the Network>Failover menu and the Failover Priority widget in the Status>Overview menu. In my example above the order in the configuration is wan, wifi0, mob1s1a1, mob1s2a1, while in the widget it is wan, mob1s1a1, mob1s2a1, wifi0. Now my suggestion is to display the same order in the Failover Priority widget as in the configuration. Thank you very much and best regards Guenther

Hello, Guenther. It is true that the widget currently only indicates the interface’s state and not the order in which the failover is configured.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will discuss it internally to consider future improvements.

Hello Julio, thank you very much. I think users will be happy with a widget titled “Failover priority” that actually shows the priority. Thank you and BR Guenther

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