RUT955 FW Problem with RUT955 as wireless client

Dear Teltonika support, I have problems with wireless communication. Everything worked fine in previous version 7.05.4. Then I decided to update to 7.06.1 with the need to factory reset the device. I had documented all my settings in advance and then re-configured step by step. As a result, a wireless communication is not possible.

After deleting the single AP “Sonate#1” I also tried adding a Multi AP configuration with “Sonate#1” as one of these APs. No success. So, I deleted the Multi AP and went back to the configuration with single AP as documented here subsequently.

Sonate#4 by the way, the AP of RUT955, works fine.

I have configured a wireless client to my home wireless network named “Sonate#1” by scanning with “Scan 2.4 GHz” and subsequently “Join network”. I have entered the pass phrase and checked it several times. The result can be seen in the following picture. Especially refer to “Status: Up”.

The following screenshot shows this interface wifi1 with “Status: Down”.

The following screenshots show details of configuration.

Thank you very much for your help. BR Guenther

Hello, meanwhile I wonder why in menu Network>WAN, WAN interfaces, table entry "wifi1, the device is showing a MAC address 06:1E:42:m:m:m. Under menu Status>System the device’s MAC addresses are listed as 00:1E:42:m:m:m. I’ve configured my home router with IP-MAC-Binding. May this cause the problem? Thanks and BR Guenther

Hello, meanwhile for test purposes I’ve re-configured my home router to accept any new device, and - what can I say - RUT955 connected with a MAC 06:1E:42:m:m:m! This seems to be strange to me. In firmware versions 7.05.xx and earlier the same RUT955 connected to my home router with MAC 00:1E:42:m:m:m, one of those as shown under menu Status>System, and which has been configured then in my home router with IP-MAC binding. Why should I expect the change of a unique and constant hardware address then?

  1. Is this a bug in the new firmware 07.06.xx?
  2. Is it an intended MAC masquerading and if yes, why has it been introduced to the new firmware?
  3. Is there another reason for this?
  4. What about the other two MAC addresses of RUT955?

I kindly ask you to clarify this. Thanks and BR Guenther


thank you for your information. I will summarize my answer to some points to answer your questions, the following is my answer:

  1. In your case, your home router uses the MAC Binding feature so that if the MAC address on the wifi1 interface changes, the wifi1 interface can’t get the IP address from your home router. The solution for this case is that you need to re-reserve the new MAC address of the wifi1 interface to your home router.

  2. Regarding the MAC address change on the wifi1 interface after upgrading to the RutOS 7.6.x, we are aware of the bug and our developers are working on a fix for it.

  3. The bug occurs on the MAC address of the wifi1 interface and does not occur on the MAC address of the LAN and WAN interfaces.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Alam N.

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